ARCS Key Facts

UW ARCS Fellowships: Key Facts

The value of an UW ARCS Fellowship is $17,500, payable over three years. Current fellows receive $7,500 the first year, $5,000 the second year and $5,000 the third year. The larger amount the first year includes a recruitment bonus to mitigate the cost of relocating and beginning a new career as a graduate student.

32 UW graduate programs in six schools/colleges are eligible to receive ARCS Fellowships. These ARCS awards are a powerful recruitment tool. Eligible departments offer awards to prospective graduate students; students may not directly apply for these fellowships.

In 2008-09, 92 ARCS fellows were studying at the UW.

Seattle ARCS Chapter raises the money for these fellowships; however, this donor organization does not select fellows. The UW Graduate School manages the selection process in conjunction with the department heads in eligible UW graduate programs.

No funds are taken out for overhead or other costs, either by the ARCS Foundation or the University of Washington.