Ph.D. Career Pathways Project

The Graduate School of the University of Washington has been selected to participate in a research study examining the career pathways of Ph.D. students. If you landed on this page from an invitation, you were invited to participate as a current student in a select number of STEM and humanities programs.

We are very interested in learning more about your graduate experience and career aspirations. Your participation will inform improvements to the doctoral program and graduate student experience in your department, within the UW Graduate School, and nationally as part of a research project with the Council of Graduate Schools.

Please note, the survey is open only to invited second and fifth year doctoral students in 16 participating UW programs. Students who were not sent an invitation email will get an error if they try to complete the survey.

Begin Survey Now

Participation in the survey is voluntary and you may choose to skip any question you prefer not to answer. If you are unable to complete the survey in one sitting, you may return to your place in the survey using the link above and logging in with your UW netID. You may also withdraw from participating in this survey at any time without penalty. The survey is estimated to take 10 minutes to complete. Your identifiable information will be kept confidential by the UW Graduate School and will only be released in aggregate form with other respondents.

When you complete the survey, you will be entered in a drawing for one of six $25 gift cards.

The potential risk associated with participating in this survey is the remote possibility of breach of confidentiality. There is no direct benefit to you by agreeing to participate in this survey.

The research study is supported by grants received by

  • the Council of the Graduate Schools, a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the advancement of graduate education and research
  • the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (grant number 31600612)
  • the National Science Foundation (grant number 1661272)

This survey was approved by the UW Human Subjects Division Institutional Review Board (STUDY00002722).

You can learn more about this project and view early findings at the Council of Graduate School’s site. If you have any questions or concerns about this survey or the UW’s participation in this study, you may contact the Graduate School at