Graduate School Reports

The Graduate School is initiating a series of reports to provide information about graduate education trends at UW and nationwide. This first report presents a snapshot of UW graduate admissions, enrollment and degrees awarded.  Future reports will provide more detailed analysis of particular issues (under-represented minorities, international students; fee-based programs; trends at individual campuses, etc.). Our goal is to provide data needed for thoughtful planning; we also want to call attention to key trends and issues, both local and national.

The University of Washington Graduate School focuses on graduate degree programs; professional programs — the M.D. in Medicine, the D.D.S. in Dentistry, the PharmD in Pharmacy, and the J.D. in Law — are independent of the Graduate School. Our reports will focus primarily on graduate programs, but data on professional programs are presented where available and relevant.

GRE Admission Requirements (2020)

One-pager overview of GRE admission requirement trends across UW graduate programs.

Interdisciplinarity at the UW (2019)

An overview of the types of new intellectual spaces being created at the UW.

Admissions and Enrollment Trends Report (2016)

An overview of admissions and enrollment trends of the last five years, with particular focus on underrepresented minority students, fee-based programs and degree types.

Academic Review (2016)

The academic program review process is a systematic, independent, and future-oriented assessment of all undergraduate and graduate degree programs at the University of Washington. For individual units that undergo such assessments, academic program reviews provide a significant opportunity for better understanding their strengths, identifying opportunities for growth, and thinking strategically about the future.

Fee-Based Programs Report (2014)

The intent of this report is to identify strengths of fee-based programs as well as challenges associated with them for students and administrative and support units.

International Graduate Students Report (2014)

International students play an integral role in advancing the University of Washington’s pursuit of global engagement and connectedness, and will continue to do so in an increasingly internationalized world. A key component of this pursuit is the recruitment, retention, and support of a robust international graduate student population. This report — part of a series of UW Graduate School reports on key issues in graduate and professional education — examines international admissions and enrollment trends, identifies important challenges that international graduate students face, and offers recommendations for moving forward to best serve the needs of those students and the larger UW graduate community.

Enrollment Report: Autumn 2011

The University of Washington enrolled 10 percent more new graduate students for autumn this year than it did last autumn quarter, despite a slight drop in new student enrollment in graduate schools nationwide. Additionally, there was an increase in diversity enrollment during that same period.

2011 Diversity Report and 2013 Follow-up

The University of Washington’s goal to educate a diverse student body to prepare the leaders and innovators of tomorrow is central to the University’s mission as a public institution. But reaching this goal seems increasingly difficult; the challenges are daunting and our efforts insufficient. Without greater progress — and a greater sense of urgency — we will face a real crisis in a decade or less. This is an issue we cannot afford to ignore; our actions now will have a profound impact on our children and our state.

The UW Graduate School’s 2011 diversity report and the 2013 follow-up to that report, part of a series of UW Graduate School reports on key issues in graduate and professional education, describe our challenges and ways to address them.

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