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NME Students

Ayda Apa Pomeshikov
(Ph.C., 2019)
Dissertation Title:”The Prophet was a Refugee too: Islamic Humanitarianism and Refugees’ Search for Rights and Belonging in Turkey”
William Bamber
(Ph.C., 2016)
Dissertation Title: “Fez & Sherwani: Self-fashioning, Consumption and Ottoman Influence in 19th Century South Asia”
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Tuna Basibek headshot Tuna Basibek

Research Interests: Ottoman and Turkish History, Russian imperial history, Circassians and Northern Caucasus refugee and forced migration studies.
Canan Bolel
(Ph.C., 2017)
Dissertation Title: “On the Margins of an Ottoman City:  Politics of Exclusion in the Jewish Community of Izmir, 1847-1923”
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Vincent Calvetti-Wolf
Research Interests: Mizrahi social movements; Zionism; race, ethnicity and nationalism in Israel/Palestine; Jewish diasporas; anthropologies of the state; political theology; migration studies; class stratification in Israel
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melinda-cohoon Melinda Cohoon

Research Interests: Digital Middle Eastern communities and Syrian diaspora gamers via Twitch.TV; perceptions, (de)constructing narratives, and education from the Middle Eastern historical content in ‘turn-based’ and ‘real-time’ video games
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busra demirkol Busra Demirkol

Research Interests: Ottoman and Turkish history; state-society relations; sociological theory; crime and deviance; women, sex and gender
Gozde Burcu Ege
(Ph.C., 2017)
Dissertation Title: “From Crises to Ordinary Precarity: Urban Encampments of Palestinian Refugee Youth under New Humanitarian Governance in Amman, Jordan”
Jennifer Hunter

Research Interests: Late antique Christianity; the multi-religious and multi-cultural environment of the Roman and Sasanian empires; women, sex, and gender; material culture and ritual practices including ‘magic’, theurgy, and the cult of the saints; ritualization of marriage and conception; theory and methods of ritual studies.
Ayse Nal
(Ph.C., 2015)
Dissertation Title: “Rural environmental resistance movements in Turkey and Indonesia”
Roman Pomeshchikov
Research Interests: State-society relations, electronic governance, development in Turkic countries
Maral Sahebjame
(Ph.C., 2018)
Dissertation Title: “Marriage Across the ‘Color Spectrum’: Making commitment Palatable in the Islamic Republic of Iran”
Solmaz Shakerifard
Research Interests: Socio-cultural and anthropological study of the modern Middle East through the lens of music, focusing on Iran
Michael Sims
(Ph.C., 2016)
Dissertation Title: “‘Without a Purpose, Misfortune will Befall Our Land’: Discourses of Nation in Late Ottoman Kurdistan”
Pelin Tunaydin
(Ph.C., 2019)
Dissertation Title: Precarious Identities in Late- and Post-Ottoman Turkey:  The Case of the Roma (Gypsies)
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