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IPhD students
Meet our IPhD students, from left: Judy Twedt, Helen Andrews, Ronnie Thibault, Ginger Farrell, Ben Meoz

The UW Graduate School offers the interdisciplinary Individual Ph.D. (IPhD) Program for exceptionally able students whose objectives for study are interdisciplinary and require supervision from faculty in two or more UW programs that offer Ph.D. degrees. Students design an individual course of study with guidance from their interdisciplinary Supervisory Committee. This Program is managed by the IPhD Program Coordinator and headed by the Dean of the Graduate School.

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Students should consider the IPhD if they are:

  • Seeking the opportunity to think outside the box while working on a compelling interdisciplinary research problem that does not fit within a single campus program that offers a Ph.D.
  • Wishing to work with the best scholarly minds on campus
  • Drawn to working with a graduate Supervisory Committee that includes faculty from multiple departments
  • Self-starters and highly motivated
  • Interested in designing their own Ph.D. course of study and areas of specialization
  • Seeking a flexible schedule—either full time or part time

Because the University is committed to established disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs, the IPhD Program is quite small. Unusual student ability and motivation, as well as an increased level of attention from the entire Supervisory Committee, are required for students to successfully complete the IPhD.

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