UW Graduate School

Campus Resources for Accountability and Integrity

The following UW campus resources are available to UW students, faculty, and staff in support of maintaining the highest level of academic and behavioral integrity and accountability.

Office of the Ombud | ombuds@uw.edu | 206.543.6028 |
This office is a resource for staff, faculty, and students. The Office of the Ombud provides high quality, client-focused services for preventing, managing, and resolving conflict at the UW. The Ombud provides the entire University of Washington community with a collaborative and confidential environment to discuss your situation, consider options, and develop a plan for the future.

University Complaint and Resolution Office (UCIRO)| uciro@uw.edu | 206.616.2028 |
This office investigates complaints that a University employee has violated the University’s non-discrimination and/or non-retaliation policies.

Community Standards & Student Conduct | cssc@uw.edu | 206.685.6194 |
This office takes reports of harassment, discrimination, or other academic or behavioral Student Conduct Code violations by students. The office can conduct investigations into allegations involving student misconduct.

Academic Grievances | graddean@uw.edu |
This process supports graduate students who believe they have been subjected to unfair treatment in the administration of academic policies.

Safe Campus | 206.685.7233 |
This office is the University of Washington’s violence-prevention and response Program. Safe Campus supports students, staff, faculty, and community members in preventing violence.

Additional Resources

Policies and Professionalism from the Center for Teaching and Learning.

UW Bias Incident Reporting Tool for reporting incidents of bias to the UW’s Bias Incident Advisory Committee. Whenever possible, bias reports will be reviewed by the committee within two to four business days. Additionally, many campuses, colleges, schools, or departments have tools for reporting bias.