Awards and Recognitions

The Graduate School administers several awards to recognize and reward students, staff and faculty who exemplify the values and accomplishments of UW Graduate School.

Specifically, these awards honor the work of graduate education that increases engagement in our university community, enriches the greater public good, and contributes to a fuller educational experience for all.

Landolt Distinguished Mentor Award

The relationship between a graduate student and a faculty advisor is one that can have a profound, lifelong influence on both parties. The Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award allows the UW Graduate School to honor those members of the faculty who exemplify excellence in graduate education.

Graduate School Medal

The Graduate School Medal recognizes and honors the “scholar-citizens” in our midst. This medal is given to Ph.D. candidates whose academic expertise and social awareness are integrated in a way that demonstrates an exemplary commitment to the University and its larger community.

Distinguished Dissertation Awards

These awards recognize outstanding and exceptional scholarship and research at the doctoral level.

Distinguished Thesis Awards

These awards recognize outstanding and exceptional research and writing produced by UW master’s students in any discipline.

WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology Award

The Western Association of Graduate Schools (WAGS) and University Microfilms International (UMI) present the Outstanding Innovation in Technology Award, intended to recognize the innovative application of technology to scholarship.

Mentoring Award for Postdoctoral Trainees

The Graduate School honors exceptional UW postdoctoral trainees who dedicate time, energy and effort to mentoring graduate students.