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About the Graduate School

Portrait of student walking during class break. Photo by Doug Plummer

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Whether they teach in an inner city public school or research diabetes at the National Institutes of Health, our graduate alumni are changing the way we live. A graduate education gives people the tools and connections they need to make a difference in our communities, from the neighborhoods of Seattle to the towns of Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Chances are, all of us have benefitted from graduate education.

The University of Washington Graduate School supports, advances and champions graduate education throughout the UW and the greater community.

The UW offers more than 110 graduate degrees through 370 graduate programs across all three UW campuses and online, from master’s degrees for people launching or continuing their careers to doctoral degree programs for those pursuing academic, research or professional careers. The Graduate School manages graduate education from application through graduation for all UW degree programs, with the exception of the M.D., D.D.S., J.D. and Pharm.D.

Guided by the dean and vice provost, the Graduate School serves approximately 14,000 graduate students. The Graduate School processes nearly 30,000 applications and grants about 4,300 degrees each year, in addition to ensuring compliance with the University’s policies concerning graduate education.

At the UW, graduate programs are managed at the program level. Individual graduate programs decide what is required to gain admission, which applicants are offered admission, degree requirements and who has met those in order to earn a degree.

The Graduate School creates endowments and oversees graduate fellowships and awards totaling approximately $11 million a year. The school also promotes minority graduate student recruitment and retention through GO-MAP and provides the infrastructure the UW needs to admit graduate students and manage their educational progress to graduation. In addition, the Graduate School provides professional development for graduate students and faculty members and reviews graduate degree programs to ensure that the UW continues to offer innovative, high quality graduate education.