How much does a server cost for a big business

If you are an existing BigCommerce Merchant already in a Plus, Pro, or Enterprise plan, you do not need to complete this step. 30 per transaction for all BigCommerce plans. A new report sheds light on an estimated $11 billion of annual unreported income. In fact, the hardware and software costs typically account for only 15 to 25 percent of the overall costs associated with installing, maintaining, upgrading and supporting a dedicated server. We are currently hiring Software Development Engineers, Product Managers, Account Managers, Solutions Architects, Support Engineers, System Engineers, Designers and more. hpe. No monitor or keyboard were included. Simple template-based e-commerce sites can cost as little as $250 per month. We also include hospitality and consumer services in this sector. Reduce the cost of compliance failures and protect your IT hardware with HPE server security features for firmware protection, detection and recovery capabilities. ” - Jake R. Available for cloud or server and built for teams of all sizes from startup to enterprise. Typical Domain Name Cost: Most of the time you’ll be fine with a standard domain name from NameCheap or GoDaddy. This server will most likely be a cookie cutter type model. How much does a modern server blade cost like the one being used by ram to allow the ram to be more stable and use larger amounts of it. Indeed, underestimating costs can decimate Thor Olavsrud covers IT security, big data, open source technology, Microsoft tools and servers for CIO. " I imagine the author meant that total energy server cost is $400 (unnecessary repeat of above statement), but it can be read as implying that reduced energy costs from rationalization are $400 per server, per year. The latest release of DB2, DB2 11. Great price. Thats for sure for Myspace. Most SMBs have neither the hardware budget nor internal resources to own a network infrastructure. Every day someone asks me how much it costs to build a mobile phone application, a website, or an e-commerce site. 00 to $100's , knowing what to pay is challenging. Most major hosting companies like Pantheon , BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy, etc. Excellent phone support. Everything came as promised, on time. 4. The quality is usually superior compared to that in the big corporations. com. I would happily reorder from them. *** Pricing terms: BigCommerce supports a wide range of payment providers. If your business has over several sites, you have pretty good flow of visitors per day or you host sites for your customers – it is better to consider using Dedicated Server from Hetzner or OVH. Enterprise level internet setups follow similar parameters but generally have professionals that gauge needs with a …The larger amount of bandwidth available in the 5GHz band makes it the preferred option in business environments, though Wi-Fi clients operating at the 2. Apr 16, 2013 How does a cloud server cost half the price of an office server? The big ticket items were an operating system (the base model comes without, add $1189) No small business would spend that much on a budget machine. 3 How Much Does it Cost to Advertise a Business? 4 The Marketing to Revenue Ratio for a Company There is no magic number to serve as the amount a small business should spend on marketing and Small business can expect to spend anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 for database design, while larger companies might spend anywhere from $10,000 to half a million dollars. 5 million to $19 billion in annual revenue. The total number of servers deployed in data centers just about doubled in those five years. S. In this article, we will break it all down to answer the ultimate question: How much does Dear John: This is a question we get frequently. How much did your small business website cost to make? How do I make a simple app for app store? How can I build a simple app without cost? Ask New Question. How much does it cost to build an app like Airbnb. The same is found for the firewalls, the switches and all of the rest of the hardware that is used in a cloud environment. “World-class configuration with flawless execution and lightning-fast delivery. One small business advantage in the big vs small business battle is the quality of the items available at a small business store. London-based entrepreneurs, unsurprisingly, will be hit with the biggest bill – £30,211 – while Nov 01, 2018 · No server push data. When you rent business space, you might have to have it reconfigured to meet your needs. Answers. Rackspace offers 25GB of mailbox storage and unlimited email aliases and advanced spam filtering from $2 per user/month. 2. The American version of the show costs about $17 million a year to produce (a full season consists of 26 episodes). The larger amount of bandwidth available in the 5GHz band makes it the preferred option in business environments, though Wi-Fi clients operating at the 2. The t otal cost of ownership tool also displays tables and graphs which compare this on-premises solution to a cloud solution proposed by SherWeb. Choosing a small business server that is right for your organization can be a bit of a mystery. Get the right tools for your growing business. “Great company to do business with. … The typical Florida business license costs very little, so it shouldn't have a big …“Great company to do business with. If you don’t need to purchase a domain or use an unusual TLD, you can expect to pay around $12 per year. Still have a question? Ask your own! How much does it cost to pay a company to make an app (the complete cost)? Nov 10, 2018 · Get your business license, LLC or incorporation in Florida online at incorporate. Like Craig, I regularly point prospective customers to Instagram's initial launch and funding. This is basically the purpose of business intelligence software. In most cases, a server's hardware and software costs represent only a small part of the total cost of ownership for a server. Ask Apr 29, 2013 · All six of these guys use their IT guy for maybe half a day a month to support their servers (sure he could be doing more, but small business owners always try to get away with the minimum). 5 to 1:2. The best way to get a real cost is to request a quote. Rackspace can help you get set up, and we're there whenever you need us - 24x7x365. Taxes, shipping and other charges are extra and vary. 20th century fox owns myspace and facebook so they probably share servers but that's the ball park price. Tell them how much it will cost to expand in How Hadoop Cuts Big Data Costs Hadoop systems, including hardware and software, cost about $1,000 a terabyte, or as little as one-twentieth the cost of …We admit, this is a pretty big ballpark for an estimate, but it may help those just starting their ERP research to understand what factors influence the total cost of an ERP implementation. Chapter 4 How to Conduct a Competitive Analysis for Your Online Business [with Templates] Katey Ferenzi / 10 min read By analyzing your competition and then monitoring them on an ongoing basis, you’ll get to know their behavior, enabling you to anticipate their actions and stay one step ahead. 1. . Gisch suggests $500 a year would cover the cost of running the Dell, which adds another $1,500 over three years. If you have several on-premises servers, that could translate into a big expense. that 79 per cent are Big app agencies bring large teams, heaps of experience, and a big brand guarantee to the table. DSL speeds are improving with technology improvements too, and can be a good option if cable isn’t available. This will also dictate the type of server you should invest in for your small business. May 5, 2017 Learn more at: http://www. In a 2015 report, Ontario's auditor general said the global adjustment cost consumers $37-billion from 2006 to 2014, and will cost another $133-billion from 2015 to 2032. Enterprise. Cost of Food (22%): This is usually the most expensive part of any meal. Hadoop Business Case: A Cost Effective Queryable Data Archive/Storage Platform Big Data’s open source solution Hadoop is not just a super-sized database. Price Range is based on our extensive pricing research and represents a comparison of cost between the 172 systems on our list. We protect your site and data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use, and we have a 99. However, Rackspace's basic package does lose points by not having email archiving and file storage included. If you are not going with a big name brand or even if you are, the average server cost would start out in the range of low five hundred up to about a few thousand dollars. The Business owners are obviously confused by the wide difference in cost estimates provided by web development agencies, ranging from as little as $4,000 to over $100,000. Oct 12, 2014 · Many small businesses have been attacked — 44%, according to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association, an advocacy group. 33 in 2014. 99% average uptime. Several factors affect the …Many first-time business owners contact others in the field to inquire about their sales and marketing projections, and from there, estimate marketing costs. How significant?Big data is a top business priority and drives enormous opportunity for business improvement. If you want to be positioned as the preeminent solution in your market, you need to increase your competitive value. Feb 15, 2009 · 500,000 (cost of servers i'm not including space and cables and staff) So the minimum is 700 thousand a year. Business Internet We’re more than just fast. Can I try Jira Software for free? Of course! You can host a fully functional copy of Jira Software on your own hardware for 30 days for free. Both business and residential energy customers alike are feeling the pinch of increased costs. For a small business owner facing the prospect of bankruptcy, knowing your options ahead of time will make the process that much less painful and make a recovery more obtainable. View our current  What is the cost of a server? - Quora www. but they'll also distinctly reflect you and your business. All of the big name brands such as Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle have server platforms aimed at the small business user. The first question arises in everyone’s mind when thinking of taking their business to next level is by having a mobile app built. Even if you have to pay for the cable company to build out to your business, when you spread the cost out over a two or three year period, the savings over T1 lines make it attractive. Share on Twitter (opens new window) in response time from region to region based on where Cloud servers are located, so this can be tricky. How to get …Without taking into account the industry, business size, or policy purchased, we found that the average cost of a small business insurance policy is $1,281, up from $725. How Much Does a Website Design Cost in South Africa? What is the cost of creating a website in South Africa? Website design prices in South Africa varies from R500 – R30 000 for the exact same website depending on the skill and experience a designer has, and programming language/s or content management systems (CMS) they use. The processing fee for debit and credit cards begins at 2. As soon as a Wal-Mart opens a store in their area, many small business owners shut up shop and run away. IBM has pitted its DB2 system squarely in competition with Oracle's, via the International Technology Group, and the results showed significant cost savings for those that migrate to DB2 from Oracle. (Most large businesses use about 4 GB of server space. We will describe some of the most common methods for website pricing below. Although database design is expensive, it's also an investment into the future of your company. Nov 01, 2018 · No server push data. 3. This cost is inclusive of all expenses related to the funeral, however, including services at the funeral home, burial fees, and the headstone. They're a great example of an app that is much more than software that's installed on a smartphone with a robust back-end server . Customer support is available, and are knowledgeable. Thus, renting a quality server costs a thousand a year or more, depending on the quality of the server. How much does small business tax preparation cost? There isn’t a simple answer to how much tax preparation will cost you. The best server operating system to use for your business. Bringing IT in-house and setting up dedicated on-premises servers can be intimidating for a small business Build-Out Fees. A small business is a business that is privately owned and operated, with a small number of employees and relatively low volume of sales. Setting up a server room is a serious endeavor. Since small business (non-corporate) tax rates are tied to the total income of the business owner, we need to look at the income tax rates that will go into effect beginning in 2018 and continuing for 8 years. If you already have a requirements list for your website, try the Web Design Cost Calculator. Its business email server is ad-free and the anti-spam and virus capabilities are very good. Click here to learn what you need to know to choose the right small business server. 1, runs on Linux, UNIX, Windows, the IBM iSeries and mainframes. 999 USD on top of that. servermania. Business cloud storage is designed for businesses, to make them run more effectively. A study by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) said 42% of small businesses struggle with financial burdens from the federal tax code. Median figures aren’t as accurate as averages, but they do provide a good rough estimate of what you can expect to pay when buying a business. Big business and the Cloud. It's easy to overlook costs when you're thinking about the big picture, but you should be more precise when planning for your fixed expenses, he added. So, how much does a website cost? Build your own website If you are keen to avoid the expense of hiring a professional web designer, consider using a website builder to create your site. NOTE: This story was originally published in September 2013 and updated in April 2017. A very good premise-based server might cost $10,000 – $15,000 whereas a Cloud-based server might cost $70,000 – $100,000 … or more. Yes, SharePoint 2010 in std. Big vs Small Business. Find the right server for your business on HPE Marketplace. Sep 19, 2012 · How much does a server cost? darkstar845 Jul 9, 2012, 2:54 PM I just thought about IT stuff and am curious how much do servers cost, like a dedicated server that host a website for 1000-5000 people. For most small offices, the local cable or phone company ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a good place to start, because they generally offers speedy cable modem or DSL connections for $100 a month or less. Jun 14, 2018 Get the idea of how much does a server cost for a small business. Follow Time is running our to share your experience. This does not include the wake, however, and depending on how many people you invite that can get very expensive. "The way companies do their accounting," says Telford, "they have to carve out so much for capital expense, and the way capital is depreciated on the books can be a …these cost savings possible by partitioning server resources so that multiple virtual machines—holding an operating system, applications and configurations—can run simultaneously onThey include department stores, convenience stores, sporting goods stores, specialty retailers, and big-box retailers. Which type of server you'll need. I am researching the cost of SQL for a medium and large business, allowing access to their users. Enterprise-level all-in-one solutions and customized programming can cost $500,000 per year or more. And usually has a "startup cost" because they have to buy the hardware and don't want you renting it for one month and dropping it, sticking them with the hardware cost. The #1 software development tool used by agile teams. And yes, there is a required External Connector license of a cost of aprox 1. I would think that the technology operating costs and software development costs of this business are insignificant compared to the costs associated with marketing, advertising, support How much server space do Internet companies need to run their sites? Aug 23 2012 “How much server space do companies like Google, Amazon, or YouTube, or for that matter Hotmail and Facebook need to run their sites?” is the question I’ve been asked to …Business Liability Insurance Costs While there really are no average business liability insurance costs for both small and large businesses, we can consider some sample scenarios. 90. By team function. How much does a website cost? Every website is different, which makes it impossible to give one answer. Read on, for our costs on website design and redesigns. Learn how Azure pricing works and see cost info for all Azure cloud computing services. *Squarespace is the only builder that doesn’t have a free plan, so to get the features you will have to pay a modest monthly fee. In an era of PowerPoint presentations, videos and graphics files disk space fills up and maxes out too quickly. The 25 respondents in the sample range in size from $80. Try this link if you are looking for the e-commerce web development cost . The business plan costs $35. But when bandwidth problems start to plague a residential or business customer, you’re probably the next person being called right beside the ISP themselves. A web host will provide space on its server for your website, allowing people around the world to view it. The amount consumed by a server varies by usage. Learn how we make big teams successful. Reassuring Note: Before we begin, if you have a small business with a limited audience of 5,000 or fewer visitors per month, you probably don’t have to worry too much about bandwidth. ” - Larry R. 94 per month and includes 500GB of storage space for 20 computers. Potential Domain Name Cost:When you consider that the cost of buying a licence to host Microsoft email on your own server is more expensive than hosting this email service in the cloud, small businesses have an easy choice A web host will provide space on its server for your website, allowing people around the world to view it. Pay as you go. Unit labor costs for the U. Historically, the technology used by big business has been out of reach of the little guys. Hadoop’s cost per terabyte is much less than high end data warehouse database server like Teradata and Oracle’s Exadata. 9% + $0. Powerful servers cost much for example one module dell PowerEdge R730 Rack Server cost 1929$, source - PowerEdge R730 Scalable and Flexible 2S/2U Rack Server, one module IBM 5887 EXP24S cost 2900$, source - IBM 5887 EXP24S with 3TB and Dual Controllers. Wikibon’s own study projects that big data will be a $50 billion business by 2017. The total cost of the Dell server is now $7,016 or 2. quora. Those companies had costs averaging $8,700. While many of the providers started off as personal off-site storage and How to Estimate Bandwidth Needs for Your Customers. When it works, you never hear a peep about it. The The days are long past when many small businesses could get by with their files stored on desktops or one small server. Still have a question? Ask your own! How much does it cost to pay a company to make an app (the complete cost)? The most common tiered approach is a 3-tier generalized approach made up of web servers on the first tier, an application server on the second tier, which contains the application’s business logic, and application databases on the third tier. Increasing electricity costs have the potential to damage business growth. I have to state prices for everything but I can not find anything online. Cost: $250 to $20,000+ (initial investment) $ To completely answer the question "how much should a website cost," it's also useful to review specific website types. This being the case, website designers use different methods to determine the cost of web design. These providers are best suited for large organizations with Jun 14, 2018 Small business server with some loads. Minimum monthly payments are the greater of $15 or 3% of the new …The amount it costs to set up a business also varies depending where you are in the country. Unlike other major vendors, there's no having to pay for expensive add-ons to run your most demanding applications—because every feature and capability is already built in. Still, any server-related development time drives up cost considerably. For example, if one business sold for $100,000, one for $250,000, and one for $750,000, $250,000 would be the median, because it has the exact same number of figures on each side of it in the data set. Server for large business or businesses requiring massive storage about $4000. Matching Competitors Another method to create a marketing budget is to analyze and estimate what the competition is spending and copy them. Business intelligence software has changed the way business decisions are made, transforming relevant data into actionable intelligence. Second, they don’t really need all that much money. In contrast, the monthly cost for a cloud server with the same configuration is $313. com is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want Cost to Administer a Server. SQL Server licensing makes choosing the right edition simple and economical. Find Out More. If programs and such have to reside on the server …Windows Server 2016 will cost more on big servers, but discounts can be found Microsoft's helping you move to per-core pricing and making Azure more attractive too By …Even if you have to pay for the cable company to build out to your business, when you spread the cost out over a two or three year period, the savings over T1 lines make it attractive. The average amount spent varies by business and industry. 5 times the cost of the cloud server. The release continues, "server rationalization will lower energy costs, typically more than $400 per server, per year. A sole proprietor might pay $500 per year for general liability insurance, but a small consulting firm is …. Time frame & Average Cost To Create An App. 5. ^Dell Business Credit: Offered to business customers by WebBank, Member FDIC, who determines qualifications for and terms of credit. com/What-is-the-cost-of-a-serverSep 13, 2014 Usually big business use blade servers with blade enclosures and paid support packs to reduce . That's why it's so important that you plan ahead. researchers tried to evaluate the toll of downtime on the costs of businesses. Thor Olavsrud covers IT security, big data, open source technology, Microsoft tools and servers for CIO. The three main components to a server's overall costs are:Mar 31, 2011 When researching how much a new server will cost, the price of the Once you've determined that your business needs a server, one of the Sep 21, 2015 Wondering about the total cost of server ownership? The first thing you have to do is look beyond the initial costs of an in-house solution vs. What determines the average utility costs for small business in Australia?Estimates for how much it costs to build a cloud data center include three cost factors: Labor costs are 6 percent of the total costs of operating the cloud data …Best Small Business Cloud Storage. It is not a huge amount of money to expand your services and business Aug 19, 2017 The cost of a small business server will depend on how much CPU, bandwidth, and advanced backup system are large projects on their own. May 5, 2017Sep 13, 2014 Usually big business use blade servers with blade enclosures and paid support packs to reduce . Hiring a large agency to build your app is the closest you can get to a quality guarantee, but at a cost. 4GHz frequency block do have a better range. Just to clear things out here on the public facing web site. They do not feel confident that they can be successful in the presence of an extremely large multinational company. Oct 31, 2018 Learn how much you should be paying for server management. A solid Internet connection is the cornerstone of any small business office, and depending on your location you may have several options from which to choose. The discount will cost the treasury $1-billion a year and save the average household $130 a year. You will find each plan’s pricing here. How Much Do Waiters Really Earn in Tips? Gratuities, often paid in cash, are hard to track. business sector, the nonfarm business sector, the manufacturing sector, and individual industries. One of the questions we often get asked is: how much does it cost to build a WordPress website? While the core WordPress software is free, the cost of a WordPress site depends entirely on your budget and goals. The answer, as it is so often with major home projects, is there’s a big potential cost range for rewiring a house. Jun 27, 2016 · Each year between 2000 and 2005, companies bought 15 percent more servers on average than the previous year, the study says, citing server shipment estimates by the market research firm IDC. Many trainers perpetually defend their approach through a comprehensive justification of course This should give you a good idea of how much your website will cost. versions required pricy license. com/us/en/servers. Name a company that seems large but might be classified as a small because it has relatively little impact on its industry. ****To qualify for the PayPal powered by Braintree rate, here are the details and your next steps. As a co-owner of Crowd Interactive, and the CEO of an online 360º performance Individual plans start at $7. and ent. Take these 4 tips to avoid a deadly price war: Enhance Exclusivity: Products or services that are exclusive to your business provide protection from falling prices. Fees vary widely depending on the completeness of services, but most providers charge between $200-500/mo. Status: ResolvedAnswers: 8Servers - Innovative Enterprise Data Center Servers https://www. For example, you might need to take down a wall separating two offices to create a Business Customers: Bandwidth Hungry and Tough to Predict The types of businesses I am referring to in this quick guide are home offices, small businesses and midsize businesses. … Florida does not allow LLCs to use the word "partnership" in their names. A small business does not have capital to buy the equipment. Airbnb being a big app, has to look good to attract the customers all around the global market. Of course, you always have the option to spend more or less, depending on what you want the server to do. Unit labor costs—the cost of the labor input required to produce one unit of output—are computed by dividing labor costs in nominal terms by real output. Do not get into a price war - odds are you will lose and be left out of business. As of today, the pooper scooper service cost for the average Big Business Scoopers customer is just $16 per week. This helps you make more sales at a lower cost of customer acquisition. Implementation costs Software-to-services ratio can be as low as 1:1, but more common is a ratio of from 1:1. Mobile apps offer a path to market preeminence. There are other considerations, as well. Our pooper scooper service prices start at $12. (2) From within the BigCommerce account Control Panel Payment Settings area, complete and submit the PayPal powered by Braintree application to upgrade from a …How Hadoop Cuts Big Data Costs Hadoop systems, including hardware and software, cost about $1,000 a terabyte, or as little as one-twentieth the cost of …In theory, your server can never have too much memory or storage space, but in reality cost and space limitations make it a necessity to determine an amount that will best fit what your server will be used for while balancing these needs with your organizational or departmental budgetary constraints. The cost of a small business server will depend on how much CPU, bandwidth, disk space, and memory is required. However, if you are a business owner, you have likely asked, "How much does a server cost for a small business?" While this is a common question, it isn't necessarily easy to answer. It does, however, offer a 14 day free trial so you can try before you buy. Let's say a USD$1500/year server can host 12 copies of a game server. And over 30% of our current customers pay that base price or the original base price of $10 per service. The median cost increased only modestly, from $500 to $584. Depending on the type of food served at a restaurant, food costs are usually targeted for between 25-30%. 5. Average Utility Costs for a Small Business in Australia. Second, use cloud service, but choose safe and quality cloud servers. No cancellation fees. Oct 06, 2014 · When you say "named the same as the old server", do you mean that you renamed the SQL 2014 server to the old server's name or just updated the name in the ASP files? No, a database is not ties to a specific server name. The above-mentioned factors; industry, number of employees, unique requirements, and third party add-ons all enter into the price of implementation as do volume, scope, complexity and internal resources as well as the need for customization and training. This should give you a good idea of how much your website will cost. htmlServers and Server Systems. Since costs vary by company size, industry, region and local media rates, the SBA advises that you create an advertising strategy within your marketing plan and select the media that can best promote your product or service. Setting up a server room, part 1: The basics. In other words, “how much will it cost?” Well, there is no way around the fact that implementation of an enterprise-wide integrated accounting and business system requires a significant investment, and even with the many variables to take into account, it can be helpful to have a general idea of what to expect. com. 18 As recently as 2009 there were only a handful of big data projects and total industry revenues were under $100 million. com/kb/article Have a question? Email or leave a comment here or on social media. The costs of learning may be difficult to decipher without an all-inclusive cost analysis system. No upfront costs. Minimum monthly payments are the greater of $15 or 3% of the new …The real picture of what's cheaper goes much deeper than the cost of a new server or a year's worth of Office 365 subscription fees. FREE trial. Whether you’re kick-starting a startup or expanding big business, we’ll go above and beyond to keep you connected on the nation’s largest Gig-speed network. What small business servers can be used for. 6) Why You Should Be Factoring in Electricity CostsOct 22, 2013 · A lot of business owners don’t attribute any cost to things that they personally do for the business, but this means they aren’t valuing their time and in Small Business, time is money. To calculate the APR, monthly payment and total interest costs of your business loan, enter in the amount of your loan, the interest rate provided by the lender, the length of the loan’s Quickly estimate your monthly cloud server cost based your cloud platform and service level needs. Big Blue puts the big into data centers with DB2. Apr 08, 2016 · Server admin cost-In most cases, server hardware and software costs represent only a small part of the total cost of ownership. This translates into an average monthly saving of 79%. Can I use my own domain name? Absolutely. This being the case, website designers use different methods to determine the cost of web design. Apr 8, 2016 When researching for a cost of a new server, most of us will try to figure out Server Hardware- Servers need to perform as per the business Oct 31, 2018 While they cost more than budget shops, you enjoy a set of comprehensive management services – often with predictable pricing. Try it free or buy now. What will my Jira Software subscription cost? Server Pricing FAQ. By understanding types of server support companies, you can better set your With server management pricing ranging from $19. It is a perfect solution that will cost you from $50 to $150 depends on your needs. , can provide all the bandwidth you need within their cheapest hosting account – although we never recommend the “cheapest” account. Windows Server 2016 will cost more on big servers, but discounts can be found Microsoft's helping you move to per-core pricing and making Azure more attractive too By …Please call us at 1-800-867-1389 (or local number) if you have any questions about Azure pricing or capabilities that you’d like answered. His I am researching the cost of SQL for a medium and large business, allowing access to their users. It's important to match the needs of your business to the right server type. 49 a month for 100 GB of cloud storage. 94 per month and includes 100GB of storage for five computers, while the enterprise plan costs $71. This is a huge portion of the cost and includes only the food used. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic, growing business unit within Amazon. Business plans start at $55 a month for 1 TB of storage and access for up to three users. Aug 19, 2017 This will determine the initial purchase price, which can range from $3,000 to $5,000 for a small business. It should also give you a place to start when choosing an implementation partner