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Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow

BUNK: The Information Series

  • Contributing Writer, The New Yorker; Documentary Filmmaker, HBO; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter; Human Rights Attorney, Rhodes Scholar, and Former U.S. State Department official

October 2, 2018   |   7:30 p.m.
Kane Hall, room 130

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An Evening with Ronan Farrow

Ronan Farrow is an influential voice in government and media, helping traditional institutions address the frustrations – and tap the promise – of a new generation. Forbes Magazine has twice named him one of the “30 Under 30” most influential people in law and policy, a contest he has gone on to judge. In May 2018 he won the world’s most prestigious journalist award, the Pulitzer Prize, for his reporting on sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein. In April 2018 he published a new book, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence, which gives a unique insight into US foreign policy, and what many describe as US resignation in global leadership. In this book, Farrow interviews all of America’s former living secretary of state.

Farrow served as a State Department diplomat in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and reported to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the United States’ first special adviser for global youth during the Arab Spring revolutions. Farrow is a Yale Law School educated attorney and a member of the New York Bar, and attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.

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