UW Graduate School

Memo 4: The Graduate Program Coordinator

The Graduate Program Coordinator is an official representative of an academic unit which offers a graduate degree program. The Graduate Program Coordinator must be a senior tenured member of the Graduate Faculty. An Alternate Graduate Program Coordinator serves as deputy.

The responsibilities of the Graduate Program Coordinator are:

  1. To advise, counsel and assist graduate students, or to arrange and verify that this service is rendered by another member of the Graduate Faculty. To ensure that special attention is given to newly admitted students and others with particular needs.
  2. To act for the unit in admitting students into Graduate School, i.e.,:
    • to receive documentation for graduate student admission applications,
    • to review applications with the faculty in the unit; and
    • to submit to the Dean of the Graduate School the recommendations of the unit respecting admissions of new students.
  3. As soon as practicable to transmit to the Dean of the Graduate School the names of those to serve as Chairperson and Members of the Supervisory Committee for the student. (See Graduate School Memorandum No. 13, Supervisory Committees for Graduate Students.)
  4. To acquire and maintain familiarity with policies and procedures of the Graduate School.
  5. To represent the unit in the Assembly of Graduate Program Coordinators and to act on behalf of the unit’s Graduate Faculty in recommendations of the Assembly.
  6. To maintain Department-Graduate School liaison in other appropriate ways.

Each year the Dean of the Graduate School requests from the Chairperson/Director of each unit the names of graduate faculty members recommended to serve as Graduate Program Coordinator and Alternate Graduate Program Coordinator. Appointment to these positions is made by the Dean.

Revised: October, 1986