UW Graduate School

General Tuition Waivers

The Graduate School has a very limited supply of discretionary tuition waivers for which restrictions such as appointment/stipend levels, enrollment, etc., do not necessarily apply. This kind of support may be available under these types of circumstances:

  1. A student who has been awarded a nationally competitive, significantly funded, fellowship that does not provide tuition support.
  2. A fellowship for which the Graduate School has already agreed to provide a tuition waiver.
  3. Special circumstances that require assistance in the form of a tuition waiver (e.g., Graduate School agreement to matching commitments for grant proposals, or negotiating a private fellowship that requires a waiver—which must be done prior to submitting grants or accepting fellowships).

How To Request Waivers

Requests must come from authorized department personnel (not individual students or faculty) and are made through the MyGradProgram GSFEI portal.

Specific Students

Requests for waivers associated with specific students (#1 and #2 above): go into MyGradProgram; click on “View Admin”; click on “GSFEI”; click on “Request an Award”; click on “General Tuition Waiver”; and complete the request form.

Unspecified Students

Requests for waivers for unspecified students (#3 above) do not go through MyGradProgram. The request is made by contacting the Office of Fellowships and Awards. If the request to provide waivers for the grant or fellowship is approved and the recipients are identified, the MyGradProgram process is used to request the waiver for the specific student. NOTE: Any waiver agreements/commitments must be requested and approved prior to submitting grant proposals or accepting funding.

Please note this request process IS NOT for:

  • Tuition waivers for Academic Student Employee appointments (e.g., TAs, RAs, SAs). Those waivers are provided automatically through Student Fiscal Services. Please contact their office with any questions regarding waivers for such students.
  • Tuition waivers from GO-MAP. To request a GO-MAP waiver: go into MyGradProgram; under “View Admin” go to GSFEI; click on “Request an Award”; click on “GO-MAP Tuition Award.”
  • Non-Resident Differential (NRD) tuition waivers. NRD waivers are automatically provided to a student who has an eligible payroll appointment. For more information, please see the Administering Fellowships page.

Any questions about eligibility or the tuition waiver process can be directed to the Office of Fellowships and Awards.