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Fulbright Fellows

Indra EkmanisIndra Ekmanis

Doctoral student, Jackson School of International Studies
Fulbright placement: Latvia

Indra’s research area is identity, associational life and integration of minorities in the post-communist space. In Latvia, she “will be focusing on minority cultural integration, particularly through participation in folk dance collectives. Folk dance is a deep and beautiful part of Latvia’s cultural landscape, and it provides an interdisciplinary lens to look at individuals’ connections with Latvia and diversity within it.”

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Allison GermainAllison Germain

Doctoral student, Linguistics
Fulbright placement: Lithuania

In Vilnius, Lithuania, Allison will study the syntax of the Lithuanian spoken by ethnic Russians in Lithuania. She says, “This is a relatively new group of bilinguals, as ethnic Russians had little need to learn Lithuanian during the Soviet era when Russian was the official state language. Lithuanians are very proud of their language, so I’m really excited to find out how this new group of speakers feels about their languages. I expect to have many spirited discussions about language with Russians and Lithuanians alike.”

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Jonathan Muir

Doctoral student, Sociology; Master’s of Public Health, Epidemiology
Fulbright placement: Cambodia

In Cambodia, Jonathan will be assessing the extent to which trauma from the Khmer Rouge genocide is associated with negative intergenerational health outcome, specifically at how parental experiences of PTSD are related to higher prevalence of child stunting and mortality in Cambodia compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.

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Andrea ReismanAnde Reisman

Doctoral student, Sociology
Fulbright placement: Nepal

Ande will be based in the Chitwan Valley in Nepal, interviewing people in household affected by the high rate of male labor out-migration. She says, “So often fieldwork happens along with the rest of life and the demands of being a graduate student and it’s part of a multi-month or year balance. It’s something of a gift to be able to have my research and my connections with Nepal be the sole focus of my upcoming 10-months. That being said, it does put a bit of pressure on getting quality data because this is my one opportunity to actually be there and get all the data I need!”

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Laura DaughertyLaura Daugherty

Law student
Fulbright placement: Mexico

Laura will be completing the binational business internship program in Mexico City. She will be interning at a company seated in Mexico that conducts business internationally as well as taking classes in business and law at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Laura says, “I hope my time in Mexico will help me both to polish my Spanish as well as to gain a deeper understanding of international business from the other side of the table.”

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Jessica Northridge

Master’s student in Public Health
Fulbright placement: Peru

Jessica will look at access to preventive care for cervical cancer among indigenous women in Pucallpa, Peru.

Kelly TrsekKelly Trsek

Master’s in Teaching
Fulbright placement: Germany

Kelly has been placed as an English teacher in Bad Iburg in lower Saxony. She says, “I am very eager to become a part of this school community and to better understand how the German education system works. I am also ready to immerse myself in the German language, so that by the end of this year I might be able to consider myself fluent.”

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Zack ZapponeZachary Zappone

Master’s in Teaching
Fulbright placement: Colombia

Zack will be teaching English at the Universidad de Cundinamarca in Girardot, Colombia. Zack says, “I am looking forward to living in a smaller community to learn about the Colombian culture, trying new things, and make new connections. I am also excited to explore the beautiful and rich country.” 

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