UW Graduate School

Required Sections for Your Document

Theses and dissertations are submitted for publishing in PDF format. Providing a PDF helps ensure that your document can be read using different platforms (Windows, Mac, etc.), and displays as you intended. Prepare your document as you normally would, keeping in mind a few tips to improve the quality of the PDF document:

Because of changes in requirements, students should NOT use existing library or departmental copies of theses/dissertations as examples of proper format.

Required Sections:

  • Title Page
    Master’s Thesis Title Page Template
    Doctoral Dissertation Title Page Template

    • Must include all items listed in the sample title page and placed in the same order
    • May be the first or second page of your document
    • These items must match MyGrad – student view information:
      • Title of document
      • Name
      • Name of degree
      • Year of graduation
      • Names of chair/committee members (do not include signatures or professional titles before/after faculty names)
      • Program authorized to offer degree
  • Copyright Page
    Copyright Page Template

    • May be first or second page of your document
    • Name and year must match title pages
    • List the year of graduation
  • Abstract
    Abstract Template

    • Place abstract after copyright and title page


Your document must be written in English. If you need to write your document in another language to accomodate the main audience, you must get prior approval to do so by submitting a petition the dean via MyGrad. If the petition is approved, the required sections (title page, copyright page, abstract) must still be written in English.

Technical Assistance

The Graduate School does not provide technical computer assistance in formatting your document. Information and assistance can be provided by the Center for Social Science Computation & Research, 110 Savery Hall. Their telephone is 206-543-8110, or you can reach them by email at csscr@u.washington.edu.

Using LaTeX

Jim Fox, UW IT maintains a custom class file that students who are familiar with LaTeX often find useful when formatting their document.

Using Word

Alex Mamishev, Professor in Electrical Engineering maintains a Word file that other students may find useful when formatting their document.