UW Graduate School

Access Problems

Accessing MyGradProgram (MGP)

Getting started with MGP can be difficult if you can’t log-in to the Program!  Here are some common problems and solutions.

Problem #1

When logging-in to MGP you receive a message that reads, “Error: Your reqest to use the department view of MGP cannot be completed because your authorization status cannot be determined.”

Probable Cause

Your MGP profile has not been connected at the Graduate School

  1. Submit a MGP Access Authorization form
  2. Review your copy of the MGP Access Authorization form, checking that your UW NetID was listed correctly (and readable)
  3. E-mail mgpinfo@u.washington.edu regarding your problem

Problem #2

When logging-in to MGP you receive a message on the UW NetID page that reads, “Login failed.  Please re-enter.”

Probable Cause(s)
  1. You did not correctly enter your UW NetID, password or securid
  2. Your securid is not connected correctly to MGP
  1. Carefully re-enter your UW NetID, password and securid (if applicable)
  2. If your second (or third) attempts to log-in fail, try to log-in to MyUW.  If you cannot log-in to My UW, there is a problem with your UW NetID and you must contact Computing and Communications (C & C)
  3. If you successfully log-in to MyUW, contact mgpinfo@u.washington.edu regarding your problem

Problem #3

Once logged-in to MGP, you do not have access to student or applicant information.

Probable Cause(s)
  1. You clicked on the incorrect link
  2. You do not have authorization to view student and/or applicant information
  1. Go back to the MyGrad Department start page and click on “Log-in to view or edit appplicant, student, or unit info”
  2. Contact mgpinfo@u.washington.edu regarding your problem