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Graduate Student Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion

From Ferguson to Syria, from Sandra Bland to Tamir Rice we as a society are engulfed by an alarming amount of injustice in the world on a frequent and persistent basis. The meaning and impact of these events are often overwhelming and difficult to process. In addition to GO-MAP(insert link to GO-MAP programs) programs and activities the Graduate School has initiated a one-unit course series focusing on Oppression, Transgression and Microaggression to deepen our conversations and has also amplified its Lecture Series with a clear focus on these topics. Nevertheless, there exists a need for more opportunities for graduate students of all background to discuss current events affecting us and society. We invite you to join us in an open discussion about events related to diversity, inclusion and social justice that may be weighing on your minds and hearts. These conversations are scheduled once a month the first two months of each quarter. Topics to be discussed will be determined by participants. A representative from the Graduate School will serve as a facilitator to help create a safe and supportive space for our conversations and engagement. Feel free to stop by for as long as you can.

Upcoming events

February 17, 12–1:15 pm
Graduate Student Lounge, Loew Hall, Rm 322
No RSVP necessary