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Engaging Oppression, Transgressions, and Microaggressions

This course series is centered in the diverse and common experiences, strengths, and needs of multicultural and marginalized communities. Through participation in varied activities, including readings, guest presentations, facilitated discussions, small group work and other dynamic learning we will gain 1) a deepening critical understanding of historical and structural factors that perpetuate oppression and exclusion, including privilege, and transgressions and microaggressions and 2) skills of engagement and dialogue to promote inclusion and justice.


Engaging Jim Crow Education: Who is Allowed to Learn and Why?

Joy Williamson-Lott

Speaker: Dr. Joy Williamson-Lott, professor for History of Education at the University of Washington’s College of Education and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs.



Engaging Homelessness: Policy and Advocacy

Graham PrussPanelists: Graham Pruss, doctoral student studying Sociocultural Anthropology in the University of Washington’s Anthropology Department, and Pat Lemus, manager of the King County Veterans Program.




Engaging Transgressions: Living Just Relationships

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Engaging Microaggressions: Living Just Relationships

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