UW Graduate School

Faculty Seminars

As a faculty member, your role is critical in modeling how issues of diversity and inclusion are discussed and engaged on our campuses. We value your academic and lived experiences in addressing these issues. Our series aims to provide a space for faculty to engage in dialogues about their experiences addressing race, diversity and inclusion in the classroom and lab. It also serves to provide concrete tools and skills for faculty to begin or continue to engage in these discussions with colleagues and students.

Upcoming Events

March 5, 12–1:15 p.m.

Past events

February 15, 2015 – Investing Equally in Diversity: A Dialogue on Faculty’s Collective Responsibility to Promote Inclusion. Guest speakers for this panel discussion included: Ralina Joseph, Communication Associate Professor Ralina Joseph, Sociology Professor Bob Crutchfield, and Sociology Associate Professor, Alexes Harris.

April 21, 2015 – Implicit Bias and Inclusive Teaching. Eve Riskin, Electrical Engineering Professor and Associate Dean of Diversity and Access in the College of Engineering, and Anis Bawarashi, English Professor shared tools and successes in addressing bias. Resources shared the event were a Sexist Bingo Template and a brochure on addressing bias and assumptions when reviewing applicants.

October 15, 2015 – Expanding our Toolbox for Diversity. Ed Taylor, Dean and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, and Dave Eaton, Dean and Vice Provost of the Graduate School, shared information about current tools and resources available for faculty and departments to enhance their diversity efforts.