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Recruitment and Retention Guide


Your mission: To recruit – and retain – the very best and brightest of students to your graduate program, students who will become the next generation of innovators and leaders. This means reaching promising students of all backgrounds, means and cultures and showing them what the University of Washington offers and how they will fit in on campus.

By attracting underrepresented minority students through outreach, admissions, recruitment and retention, we improve and enrich the UW experience for all students and prepare them for the richness of a diverse society. If we provide supportive environments and ways for underrepresented minority students to connect with faculty and other students across campus, they are more likely to stay at the UW and complete their degrees.

Getting Started

GO-MAP (Graduate Opportunities & Minority Achievement Program), a program of the UW Graduate School, is the resource for recruiting and retaining minority and underrepresented minority graduate students. Drawing from our expertise and more than 40 diversity plans campus wide, we have compiled this guide of best practices for minority student recruitment.

We also provide a number of tools to boost your recruiting efforts.

  • Prospective Student Days – admitted prospective graduate students of color are invited to join us for Prospective Student Days (PSDs).  This event provides the opportunity for prospective students to learn more about the network of support for diverse graduate students on the UW campus.
  • National Name Exchange – an online database, developed and maintained by the UW Graduate School, with names of promising minority undergraduates from more than 54 nationally-known universities.
  • Graduate School Ambassadors – a corps of graduate students from across the UW who can connect with your prospective students and reinforce your messages.
  • Recruiting materials toolkit – PDFs with information on GO-MAP, graduate student and alumni profiles, and other documents that you can download and print and distribute at recruiting events and to prospective students.

The most important first step your department can take is to establish a diversity committee of faculty and graduate students who are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse student population. The committee can set specific goals and deadlines and develop an action plan for diversifying your graduate student population, as well as consult with GO-MAP to identify and improve your diversity practices. We welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Contact Cynthia Morales, GO-MAP director (cmorales@uw.edu), or Anthony Salazar, graduate diversity specialist (asalazar@uw.edu).