UW Graduate School

Sheldwin Yazzie

Sheldwin-YazzieDissertation Scholars Fellow

Grad major: Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences

Hometown: Shiprock, NM

Undergrad institution: University of New Mexico

Undergrad major: Biology

Why did you decide to attend graduate school?

To continue, advance, and further develop my skills in the field of public health beyond a Master’s level. I recognized doing so would allow me to participate in all levels of research projects in both the academic and community settings.

What are your career plans post-graduate school?

I plan to work and develop projects with tribal community organizations in the Southwest. Also, I plan to pursue a faculty teaching position in the academic setting.

What advice would you give to undergraduates thinking about graduate school?

There are many students and faculty who are available to assist in developing your long term career goals. Seek advice from many professionals in the field you plan to pursue.