UW Graduate School

Carolina Perez Placencia

Carolina-PerezLatino/a Scholars Graduate School Fellow

Grad major: Social Work

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Undergrad institution: Central Washington University

Undergrad major: Psychology

Why did you decide to attend graduate school?

I knew that I wanted to continue my education, and my undergraduate education was only the beginning. I had big dreams to become a mental health therapist and an advocate in the Latino community. Furthering my education was an important step to allow me to make a bigger impact.

What are your career plans post-graduate school?

I want to work as a clinical social worker, more specifically as a mental health therapist working with Latino/a youth and families inclusive to immigrant populations. I also plan on going back to school to become a licensed chemical dependency counselor so I can work with individuals with co-occurring disorders. Additionally, I plan on pursuing my Ph.D. in clinical social work.

What advice would you give to undergraduates thinking about graduate school?

Believe in yourself and continue to push forward no matter what. Staying involved in your school and getting to know faculty and community that is there to see you succeed can be the biggest tool to attain the resources you need.