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July 10, 2019

Interim Dean Rebecca Aanerud on Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Dear UW Colleague, One of the reasons I feel so fortunate to provide leadership in the Graduate School is because of the value we place on collaboration. And collaboration — that happens across fields and disciplines — tends to lead to exciting, invigorating, and cutting-edge work. The Graduate School houses 19 Interdisciplinary Programs. We handle…

November 18, 2018

Ethan Kruse

When Ethan Kruse was an undergraduate, his friends noticed that as soon as he walked outside, his eyes would naturally drift up – to the sky and the stars. Now, he’s a sixth-year Ph.D. student in Astronomy using the eclipse method to discover new planets. While the upcoming “Great American Eclipse” on Aug. 21 isn’t directly…

Core Programs 9/27-10/10

Many of you may be getting started in a new graduate program or working with an assigned advisor. Or you may be moving into thesis/dissertation planning stages with your committee. At a recent Core Programs workshop, we offered guidance for working effectively with your advisor or research supervisor. Here are a few of the tips covered:…

March 27, 2018

Working at GO-MAP is Best of Both Worlds

Lindsey Wilson, doctoral candidate in the College of Education, has worked as a Graduate Staff Assistant with GO-MAP for the past two years. While this may sound cliché, in August 2016 when I walked into the GO-MAP office and seen the drive, commitment, and overall joy that each staff member took in the amazing work…

January 18, 2018

Staying Motivated During the Winter

Whether you are new to the beautiful Pacific Northwest or have lived here for several years, the winter season can serve as a helpful reminder to engage in habits that motivate and inspire you to do your best work. Below are a few strategies that can help keep you energized throughout the quarter. Stay hydrated….

December 18, 2017

Lauren Fine: Talking politics with family (and not losing your cool)

“Listen, and listen more than you talk,” says Lauren Fine, a doctoral student studying political communication at the interpersonal level. It’s good advice, generally, but it’s especially prudent if you’re struggling to discuss politics with family or friends at holiday gatherings. If you’re engaged in political discussion with close others in close spaces, “try to…

November 13, 2017

Meet the Winners of the Grad School’s Distinguished Thesis Award

The Graduate School recognizes exceptional scholarship and research at the master’s and doctoral levels. These awards recognize a thesis and a dissertation in four categories: Biological Sciences, Humanities & Fine Arts, Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Engineering, and the Social Sciences. Meet the winners of this year’s Distinguished Thesis Award (awarded in three of the four categories).

October 26, 2017

ABDs, Better Together

On the road of the doctoral journey, there is a destination that graduate students aspire to get to but hope not to stay at too long. That destination is the ABD, or “All But Dissertation” phase. This stage can be one of the most challenging and isolating for doctoral students as there are no more…

August 17, 2017

Seven Strategies for Negotiating Salary

At a GO–MAP Power Hour, a group of women of color discussed salary negotiation strategies. Here are seven key takeaways from their conversation:   1. Confidence is key Believe in your abilities and strengths. Don’t sell yourself short. 2. Do your research Use Glassdoor to figure out the salary ranges for the organization and position. If…

May 31, 2017

How Prof. Phillip Levin Works

Phillip Levin, Professor of Practice Department/program: School of Environmental and Forest Sciences Research focus: Conservation Phillip Levin is one of only two Professors of Practice at the UW, straddling the academic and professional worlds to maximize impact in both. As the lead scientist at the Nature Conservancy–Seattle, he said in 2016 he hopes to “be…

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