UW Graduate School

Message from the Dean

Graduate education is vital to the vibrancy of the University’s mission and vision. It not only plays an integral role at the University of Washington, it plays an integral role throughout our state, nation and, indeed, throughout the world. The research, scholarly and creative output, and innovations generated through our graduate programs improve and enrich the lives of us all.

The Graduate School provides instrumental services to graduate programs, faculty and students to ensure that our programs are able to meet their teaching, research and service goals.

However, our Graduate School reaches beyond providing key services. In the Graduate School we champion the enterprise of graduate education itself:

  • What are key trends in graduate education? What new ways are people seeking advanced degrees?
  • How do we actively listen and respond to student concerns about their educational experiences? How can we ensure that we broaden access and ensure a strong and diverse pipeline to graduate education? How do we make sure that students experience a strong sense of belonging? How can we continue to build important fellowship funding to attract and retain the brightest graduate students to our region?
  • What are the extensive career paths graduate degree holders pursue? What are the forecasted employment needs, and how do we best meet those needs?
  • In what ways can we demonstrate the societal impact and benefit of those with graduate degrees?

These questions and many others inspire us on a daily basis.

By partnering with faculty, staff, students, deans and others across the UW, we share information about those key trends; we document graduate education outcomes; we build on our commitment to diversity and inclusion; and, most importantly, we convene meaningful conversations that help drive the changes needed for graduate education today and into the future.

In short, the Graduate School is the university’s intellectual hub for the advancement and advocacy of graduate education in all its forms.

Rebecca Aanerud
Interim Dean
UW Graduate School