UW Graduate School

Computational Molecular Biology

The Computational Molecular Biology (CMB) certificate program is the cooperative effort of ten outstanding research departments at the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The program not only allows enrolled students to receive formal recognition for their work, but also facilitates connections and provides a forum for the entire CMB community to showcase student and faculty work as well as to discuss open problems and trends.
Program website

Degree(s)/Certificate(s) offered

  • Graduate Certificate in Computational Molecular Biology

Program director/interdisciplinary group chair

  • William Noble, Professor, Department of Genome Sciences

Primary Staff Contact

  • Brian Giebel, Academic Manager, Genome Sciences

Interdisciplinary Faculty Group Membership

The following are the core/voting Graduate Faculty members of the interdisciplinary group.  For a complete list of faculty active in the program, see the program website.

  • William Noble, Professor, Genome Sciences
  • Su-In Lee, Professor, Computer Science and Genome Sciences
  • Tom Daniels, Professor, Biology
  • Hong Qian, Professor, Applied Math
  • Larry Ruzzo, Professor, Computer Science
  • Valerie Daggett, Professor, Bioengineering